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WHO Should Work From Home in Australia

Working from home is NOT for everyone.

You can't just grab 20 random people off the street, and get them to build a home business. Most of them won't be interested, won't have the desire, perseverance or right attitude to build a home business. (Although they may like the products).

Eleven years ago, when I was getting ready to start a family, I was eager to find a way to earn some money from home. A manager at work introduced me to a well-known (although surprisingly not to me) MLM, and off I went. I bought the tapes and books. I kept the catalogue on my desk at work. I nervously asked everyone I knew. I attended the meetings. I sold VERY little. And most of those were probably out of sympathy. I didn't signup anyone. I ended up losing/wasting money, and not enjoying it at all. I was shy, and ill-suited for that business. I hated doing deliveries. And I wish I had known more about the company and it's reputation. I really wasn't ready, and it was the wrong company for me.

At least now, with the internet more prevalent, it is much easier to research a company before you join it. And the internet can provide tools for finding people looking to start a home business, so you don't have to nag your friends and family.

So what kind of people should work from home in Australia?

If you think that you will find the perfect home business on the internet, that you can blithely pay $1, or $30-$50 per month, and not lift another finger, and be rolling in money by the end of the year, then give up now and go back to bed.

It will take effort, and determination. Let me warn you of that right now.

But the first step is to make a decision and take action. If you can do that, you're going in the right direction.

Good luck.

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